About Us

The SitaRama Veda Samskrutha VidyaPeethamu is situated in Jagadevpur, a village located between Pregnapur and Bhuvanagiri (Bhongir) at about 70 km from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. With an ancient Thousand Pillars temple of Sri Varadaraja Swami and surrounded by greenery, peace and solitude, Jagadevpur is the ideal location for a VidyaPeethamu - many learned Vedic scholars have performed yagnas here. A beautiful Vinayaka and Gayatri Devi temple on the VidyaPeethamu premises adds to the auspiciousness of the place.


History of the VidyaPeethamu

A group of Vedic and Sanskrit scholars - Dr.Yagna Ramulu, Late. Sri C.S.Sastri and Dr.M.V.R.Sharma had been visualizing a project to encourage Sanathana Dharma. With the support of like minded people and blessings of their guru Sri Vempati Venkata Subba Sastry Garu, they approached the Kanchi Peethadhipathis and obtained the consent, blessings and supervision of Sri Swami Vijayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.
With this auspicious beginning, they started the VidyaPeetham on 1-10-1998 at the premises of Shankara Madiram at Skandhagiri, Padmarao Nagar in Secunderabad.

A trust was established for the planning and activities of the VidyaPeetham and a Charitable Trust was registered in 2001 with Regn.No.25/01-02/Dit(E). The members of the trust are esteemed Vedic and Sanskrit scholars, including

  • Sri K.Gopala Krishna Sharma
  • Dr. M.V.R.Sharma
  • Dr. A.Yagna Ramulu
  • Sri A.Laxmi Narahari
  • Dr. A.Rajeshwari

The VidyaPeethamu Today

The VidyaPeethamu which started with a small number of students, now has 27 students, of which 9 students are studying Krishna Yajurvedam and the rest study Krishna Yajurveda Smartham.
The staff at the VidyaPeethamu include 2 Veda Pundits, 1 Smartha Pundit and 1 Sanskrit Pundit. In addition, 1 Caretaker, 1 Cook and 3 helpers work on co-ordination and maintenance of the premises.

Teaching Vedas and Sanskrit at the VidyaPeethamu

Vedas and Smartham
The syllabus at the VidyaPeethamu is based on Krishna Yajur Vedam and Smartha Prayoga.
Shastras play a prominent role and they are like the supporting pillars for understanding Vedas. Sri Samudrala Srinivas Charya,a Septugenarian grammarian who retired from Sri Venkateshwara Vardhini Samskruta Kalasala, was requested to teach Vyakaranam to the Sanskrit pandits at the premises of the Vidya Peetham. As a 5 year project, all the lessons of Siddhanta Kaumudi were recorded and converted into CDs / DVDs which were distributed free of cost to the deserving and needy Sanskrit and students.

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