Megha Sandesha by MahaKavi Kalidasa

Megha Sandesha by MahaKavi Kalidasa

Written in the 1st century BCE by India's greatest Sanskrit poet Mahakavi Kalidasa, Megha Sandesha (The Cloud Messenger) is considered to be one of the greatest Mahakavyas set to the 'mandakranta' meter known for its lyrical sweetness. Megha Sandesha tells the tale of a young demigod, banished to earth, who sends a message (sandesha) to his beloved wife in the heavens through a passing rain cloud (megha). As the Megha travels across India to deliver his message, Kalidasa's poetry describes the glorious beauty of his country.

With commentary by Sri Mallinatha Suri, the Mahakavya of Megha Sandesha was recorded by V.Aditya, Dr. K. Neela Kantham and Sri N.C.T. Acharyulu.We would like to express gratitude to the like-minded patrons who provided support and encouragement towards this endeavor.

If you would like to read MeghaSandesha in Sanskrit or its translation in English while listening to the slokas and commentary, please click on the links below:

Megha Sandesha Texts Online:

  • MeghaSandesha published in 1911 with commentary by Vallabhadeva - click here.
  • Meghaduta with the commentary of Daksinavartanatha (1919) click here.

MahaKavi Kalidasa's Megha Sandesha

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