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Some of the greatest Sanskrit works like Sri Adi Sankara's Bhasyopeta of Isavasya, Katha and Taittiriya Upanishad, Bhattoji Dikshita's Siddhanta Kaumudi and Sanskrit MahaKavyas like Megha Sandesham, Kumara Sambhavam, Kiratarjuneeyam and Raghu Vamsham were recorded in immaculate Sanskrit by scholars as Audio Text books and were distributed among students.

These works are now being shared online on this website with the visitors of this website. There is no charge to access, play or download these great works. Please be aware that these works are protected under the Creative Common License Copyrights and cannot be reproduced commercially.

If you learn or benefit from these works, please consider adopting a Vedic student on a monthly or yearly basis to help keep the Sanskrit and Vedic traditions alive. For more information, please click here.

Many thanks to the following people for their help (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. K. Aravinda Rao
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  • Sri B. Ashoka Reddy

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  • Dr. K. Neelakantham
  • Dr. K.V.Chandrashekar
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  • Dr. D. SriRamachandra Murty

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Sri Adi Sankara Bhasya

Isavasya, Katha and Taittiriya Upanishads